Books are things that are able to bring different kinds of stories to people who are reading them. But like every story, the story in a book would come to an end eventually and there are a lot of readers who would be left unsatisfied or feeling that something is missing. Not all endings would be able to satisfy the readers especially if it is a booked that they have followed and read for a long period of time. It is important that we should all know that there are also fanfictions of our favorite books and they are stories that are made up by fans. Fanfictions are very popular in our times today as there are a lot of wonderful books that have great stories and there are also a lot of people who are skilled in writing down the stories that they like.


A hidden love fanfiction can be made into something different that what is written in the original book as the writers would be able to make a different direction on what is going to happen to the characters or to the events that are in the original book. Fanfiction stories are greatly admired by the original authors themselves as it is a different version of their vans and knowing that there are a lot of people who loves the stories that they are able to make would also be able to make them proud. There are surely several fan made stories of your favorite book that you can see online and it would surely be able to give you some interesting thoughts on the story of the original book as it would contain stories about what would happen if a different event would have happened.


There are also fanfiction versions of a book that would have different characters or totally different settings and they are labelled as a version that would occur in an alternate universe. There are a lot of people who would love to write and read novels and different kinds of books that is why fanfictions are also very popular as it can serve as a continuation of the original book. click here to know more!



You may not relate the story to the original book but you could put event that would represent "what if" so that you would be able to make stories are interesting and would also be able to be loved by the people who are reading the original book. For more facts and information about fan fiction, you can go to