Many novels, movies, TV shows are very popular with people.  The Harry Potter and Twilight books and numerous manga series have been read been read by millions all over the world.  Even more people got interested when they were made into movies. The box office earning of the movies based on these book run into billions.  Many manga stories have die-hard followers who flock to the theater when their favorites are made into movies.


Many people are attracted to the characters and story of   novels they read and movies they watch. There millions of hp fanfics from this link.  Many of them are sad that the author   have decided   not to write   hp books anymore.  The good news is that they can read new stories about hp and other popular books and movies.  A lot of fans are resorting to writing their own stories based on their favorites.  These writings are called fanfiction. The most popular stories among fan writers it seems is Harry Potter, Twilight and manga stories. 


If you are interested in stories about your favorite characters written by fans, you simply have to find fanfiction websites. Yes, there a number of them.  There are now hundreds of thousands of harry potter fanfiction. You'd certainly love to read some of them.  The best thing about fanfiction is they are free and stories are in different languages. It won't matter if you are not familiar with English. You can still enjoy some of the stories.  To enjoy the stories based on your favorite characters, movies or manga, all you have to open an account in you fanfiction website or websites and you can anything you want. If you want to learn more about fanfiction, you can visit


As with everything else the quality of the content of harry potter fanfiction sites are not the same. But you do not have to waste your time looking for qualify stories. There web sites providing reviews of fanfiction sites.  Reviewers assess the sites in terms of quality of stories and variety.  These sites offer you a good idea which sites you would want to open a free account.   Of  course if you are an want to be a writer yourself,  it would be best to submit  your  masterpiece  to  one of  these sites.  You will be assured of a reasonable number of readers.



You want to read new things about your favorite characters and movies? Find a good fanfiction site.